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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Useful Tip: The WDTV Media Player - Easy HD Without The Disc

WD TV Live
We have discovered a great piece of inexpensive gear that will enable HD playback without having to author a Blu-Ray disc or output to an expensive HD tape.  The WD TV media player is an extremely small device that supports the playback of almost all video and audio file formats. This device essentially acts like a set-top box or Blu-ray/DVD player allowing you to play, fast-forward, rewind and even loop your videos. The interesting trick is that your videos are actually stored on a removable USB drive or key.  There is also a network version which can be connected to a company’s intranet.

This device will be great for anyone doing boardroom presentations, trade shows or even digital signage.  Call us for details on how we can edit and encode videos for use on the WD TV media player or for a demo.

Western Digital's 'WD TV Live'
WD TV Live at Best Buy

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