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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Utilizing DOLBY® E To Reduce Show Delivery Costs

Typically the broadcasters will specify multiple audio tracks that need to be delivered like a stereo mix, 5.1 surround mix, descriptive video (DV), music and sound effects tracks (M&E). Naturally, in order to provide all this audio, the tape format of choice is HDCAM-SR which has up to 12 available audio tracks. However, if the broadcaster and producer decide to utilize DOLBY E, they can squeeze all of the required audio tracks on to the cheaper HDCAM (non-SR) format with only 4 audio available tracks.

DOLBY E is an audio encoding/decoding technology that allows up to 8 channels of discrete audio to be compressed on to only 2 audio tracks. Typically it's used to embed a 5.1 surround and a stereo mix on to a tape master.

Lately we've been working with various audio post houses to take their final show mixes and an add a descriptive video (DV) recording done by us. At PPD we encode to DOLBY E and deliver HDCAM broadcast masters with the surround and DV stereo mix. We put this on tracks 3 & 4 of the tape and then the standard non-encoded stereo mix on tracks 1 & 2. 

Producers who are confused by all the HD delivery specifications sent to them by Broadcasters or Distributors can call us to help them cut through the techno-babble and do things faster and cheaper.

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